Rajni alleges harassment by husband

Yesteryear actress Rajni is now facing trouble from her ex-husband and his mother. She married a Hyderabad based boy DM Praveen in 1998. She has three children form the marriage. She approached the family case for divorce citing harassment from her husband and mother-in-law.

The family case granted her ex-parte divorce as Praveen failed to appear before the court. Rajni is now staying in n apartment and is taking care of her children with the rental income of another apartment.

Rajni now filed a case saying that her ex-husband has now got the two flats registered in the name of his mother. Rajni also filed a case in the High court alleging that the police were registering false cases file by her husband against her. The court has asked the police not to register cases against her till further orders.

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25 Responses to “Rajni alleges harassment by husband”

  1. shekar says:

    It is unbelievable to hear that husband harrasing Rajni after having three children. She must have used him well. May be she is trying to get free publicity. She must be trying for her husbands property. One should never marry for money. Why court asked not to register case on Rajani? May be her husband is supporting her from behind. Rajani is fooling court and public. Court must let police do their job to bring the reality instead of gurading her. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. Women who make marriages commercial and treat husbands like ATM must be punished.

  2. raji says:

    wat the hell u wrote shekhar.try to respect women.rajini must have barred him all these years with lot lot of patience.once she was a very talented and beautiful actress.she did the best.he might have used her for money as she might have earned during her carrer.think once again………….never under estimate a women

  3. chakrapani says:

    Hi, i am a big fan of rajani, very nice looking and talented actress, she left in the prime of her career to settled and this bastard is playing fool after having enjoyed her money, rajani dear if you want any help get back to me at tintin99@sify.com

  4. Vikram says:

    Hi, Chakrapani, we don’t know about Rajani or her husband. i know many stories about actress who use men as boy friends or husbands. Ash, kareena kapoor, maduri, jayasudha, jayaprada so many. they are there to make money. No actress will date a man with no money. Money hey tho honey hey. You want to help Rajani? hahaaha..now you are tintin99. later you will end as number 9.

  5. Jyotsna says:

    I agree with vikram. rajani married a doctor and ditched him. The media has exposed our very own celebrities whom we normally idolise. we got the true picture of these celebrities who have shamelessly indulged in wrong doings.

  6. Siri says:

    Vikram and Jyosna,

    Please, pray to GOD that Vikram( if u r married or will get married in future) and Jyotsna( your husband) would not leave u. Dont talk nonsense about film actors. Tell me, did u guys marry a begger? Vikaram might have married a girl with money and Jyostna would have given money to get married. Yeah money is important factor in everybodys life and not all celebs indulge in wrong doings. Who knows may be ur partners or u urself got indulged in wrong doings…lol…everybody is good from them front…..can u guys imagine taking initiative to raise 3 kids…..Just as I said pray to GOD that this scenario wont be repeated to both of you…and you end up with number 9….lol…suckers…you suck

  7. kishore says:

    she is very beautiful lady ever acted in telugu filem industry. I am regret to see her in this situation, and she came from outside Andhra so we should give respect to him

  8. ranga says:

    Hey guys who so ever said wrong things about rajini. What the hell do you know about her? Why the hell will she ditch her husband, read her story in telugulo.com, it was heart touching. Don’t speak some crap. She left her career when she was in a good position in the industry just because she gave importance to her family. Why will she try for publicity now, do you have any sense to say that? She bared all these thing for 10 years, and now she is taking care of her three children, I salute you Rajini. And any AH comes back chalo mail me at vardhan2k8@gmail.com, lets speak over there. I am also one of the fans of Rajini. And more over Kareena,Ash etc are no where comparable to Rajini, the earlier were roaming with many guys, Rajini never did such stuff when in industry. Keep your mouth shut for god’s sake

  9. Vamsee says:

    Good Job ranga. Rajani is always my favourite actress.

  10. venkat says:

    hi guyz, don’t comment others who are in trouble. you may face the same problem in your life that some body give a comment about you then you feel very bad. nobody wants to take divorce with 3 kinds. she is a women before she is an actress, she needs some support guyz not the comments.

  11. sowjanya says:

    hi to all rajini is my favourite actress it is unbelievable that like all womens she is also facing problems with husband.Good raji u wrote truth never under estimate a women.

  12. sowjanya says:

    rajini mam i want to see u back in films

  13. Man says:

    Sowjanya, raji, Never Under Estimate a Man. Don’t try
    to show your feminist attitude.

  14. rajesh verma says:

    These cinema people are always hungry for headlines. Whether it is right or wrong that dosen’t matter because this is the part of their besiness. But this idea of blaming husband didnot work.

  15. sushma says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i agree with rajesh

  16. This was a very great read by the author hope to come back more very soon.

  17. krish says:

    am a keralite. and i luv ur performance in patheyam, she’s a fabolous actress. pls come back and do act.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Rey evadaina rajini gurinchi chethaga maatlaadado naa kodaka cut chesi parestha.., hard core fans ikkada..

  19. Sridhar says:

    OMG, guys please grow up. I know Rajini and I am just sorry for you to think she is a gold digger. She left her career during her prime in movie industry and opted for a family life. There is nothing wrong in seeking a husband from a well to do family. She is not a gold digger and she never chased men nor had affairs. She is not even asking for any special favours except what she is entitled to as a woman with 3 children. You should be ashamed of talking about a woman who has to support 3 kids without any regular income. God bless Rajini.

  20. pavan kumar says:

    Let us value her grievance not comment anything bad of her and I disagree all the bad comments on her.

  21. Siva says:

    Let us value her grievance not comment anything bad of her and I disagree all the bad comments on her.

  22. Dr sweety says:

    I just read few comments here. Rajani is a decent woman with good family background.. Do u think any women does this for publicity ? what the heck she needs it at this moment of life? No body files for divorce unless the things are out of control .As u mentioned , her ex- hubby should give some of his property for kids and pay for child support as per rule of law untill Rajani marries again . Try to understand the emotional and mental trauma of a woman who is going through these things in life . Good luck Rajani , I am with u . God bless u :)

  23. sushma says:

    Her husband is a Doctor from US. She aready took his children and property. She is living in her husbands house. She put 498A on her husband and dragged entire family to court for no fault. As per the law she must be arrested for misusing the law.

  24. sujay says:

    Dr Praveen Mullagiri is INNOCENT not a CRIMINAL.

  25. nany says:

    hi rajini please come back to movies we luv ur performances. sad to hear ur maarried life but god is with u dont worry . nd hope for the best. please please please please please come back. bye take care.