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Rajkumar Gupta to make a love story

Rajkumar Gupta to make a love story

Film maker Rajkumar Gupta, who made two realistic films Aamir and No One Killed Jessica, is planning a love story for his third film which is titled Rapchik Romance. Will this be also as hard-hitting and gritty as his first two films or based on a real life love story? Gupta is not revealing much.

Gupta’s first film Aamir depicted a common man’s struggle with terrorism. His second film No One Killed Jessica is now in theatres. It is inspired by inspired by the 1999 murder of model Jessica Lall, who was killed in Delhi by Manu Sharma, son of a wealthy Haryana politician. In the ensuing trial, Manu Sharma and a number of others were acquitted on February 21, 2006 due to lack of proof.

Both Aamir and No One Killed Jessica have been critically appreciated.

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