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Rajini’s Robo arriving with 500 prints on October 1

Rajini's Robo arriving with 500 prints on October 1

The much awaited Shankar directed film Robo starring Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai produced by Kalanidhi Maran under the banner of Sun Pictures is releasing on October 1. The film has music by AR Rahman and Rasool Pukutty designed the audiography. Thota Kanna Rao who obtained the rights of Robo said the film is releasing with 500 prints.

Robo is a trilingual film made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi and is releasing world-wide with 2250 prints. With robotics and special effects and the film costing Rs 180 crore, Robo has created a great hype in the Indian film industry.

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