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Rajinikanth is more than a superstar

Rajinikanth is more than a superstar

Superstar Rajinikanth has huge mass following especially in Tamil Nadu and also in other parts of India includes our own Andhra Pradesh. After tremendous success of Robot in all languages, some parts of the media, especially entertainment channels in Hindi and some people over web through chain mails, started criticizing Rajini and making fun of him, for his styles and mannerisms to which Rajini is famous.
Reacting to this, a true North Indian Rajini fan, who happens to Software Professional working in Infosys wrote a strong note them.
Saketh Paphle, who is currently working in Infosys Technologies, Pune writes as follows about Rajinikanth and his fans.

“In my opinion people love Rajni more as a person, than as an actor. Its true he can make everything possible. If he wishes he will be the next chief minister of TN and that too he don t want to join any political party. He can just form a new political party and contest in elections. Damn sure, he will win the majority. But still Rajnikanth haven’t entered politics.

If Tamilians Respect him, adore him or even consider him as a god. Then, my dear critics of Rajnikanth. Rajnikanth deserves it.”

1) Rajnikanth is not an actor who goes to late night parties, booz like a mad dog and takes out his SUV and run over poor migrant workers.

2) Rajnikanth is not an actor who openly supports Pakistanis when the whole India was crying after the Mumbai attack.

3) Rajnikanth is not an actor who changes his wife like dress nor he chose to marry a girl half his age, even though he s having kids.

4) Rajnikanth is not an actor who served jail term for anti national activities or share dais or parties with underworld dons.

5) Rajnikanth is the only actor who repays all the loss caused to the producer, distributors if his film doesn’t go well at the box office for e.g.: Baba, Kuselan.

6) Rajnikanth never acts in any advertisements nor become a brand ambassador of a product which gives false promises and have a bad impact in our economy. Just think a man who have crores of diehard fans never accept any advertisement offers.

These are just a tip of a huge iceberg. Am just an average reader.  Even though I don t know Tamil nor I have ever gone to Tamil Nadu, I could say these much. If people of Tamil Nadu starts speaking about his good character this post will never end. That much good quality this Man possesses.

Am not asking anybody to respect him.

Why making fun or teasing a Good Human being. It hurts the people of Tamil Nadu( our fellow citizens) or his Fans. Because for them, he is the most respected person.”

Reference: click here for full message

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