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Rajini’s Predictions are Coming True

Rajini’s Predictions are Coming True

It has been a long time when Rajini predicted about NTR Jr’s career and his predictions about NTR are coming true particularly after the debacle of ‘Ramayya Vasthavayya’ and slow running ‘RabhasaRajinikanth watched the NTR’s movie ‘Simhadri’ since film makers wanted to remake it in Tamil with Rajini. The Telugu version of this film was super hit. Rajini said no to work in the remake and he asked the producers what is the age of NTR who did the role. He was surprised to know that the grandson of NTR was 21-plus age and breathed fire in angry role.
Rajini said, “I did such larger than life roles while I was nearing 40 years, but NTR surprised me with this high voltage larger than life role at such a young age. If he continues like this, what would be left for him to do 10 years down the line, around 30 years of his age.” He reportedly observed this. Later on the remake was done by another actor Viajayakanth but didn’t turn out well. But Rajini’s observation about NTR is relevant because NTR is not getting the roles which suit his powerful persona and needs to pick on the ‘stronger scripts’ that would satiate his huge fan following. NTR must be serious about his career.

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