Rajendra Prasad’s Ayyare getting ready

Rajendra Prasad's Ayyare getting ready

The film titled Ayyare starring Rajendra Prasad and Sivaji has completed all its schedules of shooting except for canning a couple of songs. Post-production works are in progress. Rajendra Prasad plays two different roles one of them being a swamiji. The cast includes Sai Kumar, Siva Prasad, M.S. Narayana, Ali, Harshavardhan and others. The film is being planned for a January release.

The film is being produced by B. Sudhakar Babu and R. Achhappa and directed by Sagar Chandra. Ayyare is a satirical film with lots of humour and entertainment.

This is the fourth film of Rajendra Prasad-Sivaji combination after Sandade Sandadi, Sriramachandrulu and Brahmalokam To Yamalokam Via Bhulokam.

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