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Rajasekhar Is Getting Hopeful

Rajasekhar Is Getting Hopeful

Rajasekhar, the senior hero is not seen recently in any happening movies these days. He is active in politics and seen in press meetings along with his wife Jeevitha. But now he is getting a confidence boost from his contemporaries like Balakrishna and Venkatesh.
From last couple of years box office has not met with any hit from senior heroes. Neither Balayya nor Venkatesh gave any hit. But 2014 seemes lucky for them. Balayya got a hit in the form of ‘Legend’ and also Venkatesh’s Drishyam is on its way towards a hit. Also Nagarjuna was relieved with a hit like ‘Manam’. After these senior heroes success Rajasekhar is also hopeful to face a blockbuster.
He is hopeful that his movies either Ram GopalVerma’s horror flick ‘PattaPagalu’ or his Tamil SooduKavvam’s remake ‘Geddam gang’ will score a hit at the box office. It’s been a long time since word ‘HIT’ is not written after any of Rajasekhar’s movie. Let us wait and watch what happens next.

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