Rajanna Movie Review

Rajanna Movie Review

Rajanna is one of its kinds of movie, where in makers need guts to make such movie, especially in Telugu Cinema. What sort of movie you can expect from a veteran story writer turned director, who has penned stories for biggest block busters in Telugu Cinema? You expect same kind of movies, but if you go and watch Rajanna, your celluloid experience is completely new.

Story deals with lives of people in Nizam regime after independence. It shows you how people are ill-treated by rulers, in the region of Telangana. It is a known fact, few among down trodden has revolted against King Nizam and Jameendaari System at that time and paid their lives. Rajanna (Nagarjuna) is such a person who raises his voice and fights against Deshmukhs, (who are called as Dora in those times) and pays his life. Actor Nagarjuna has to be appreciated in choosing such a role and producing the movie. Director Vijayendra Prasad has shown, How village songs are key part in lives of people in Telangana and also How a song can change weak person to a strengthen one.

Narration of the movie in the first half goes sentimental, where in life of Rajanna daughter is being shown but is beautifully shot. Second half is Rajanna episode, full of action.

Senior Writer Vijayendra Prasad has scored in his debutant venture and he knows how to prepare full meals. Except unconvincing climax, Story and Screen-Play are perfect. Director has used so many characters during the travel of Character Malamma through out the movie, to keep the tempo in the same pace. Music by MM Keeravani is extra-ordinary, feel good and is an asset. He too needs equal credit like director and producer of this movie. Action by Ram-Laxman is apt and climax action sequence resembles to Magadheera fight. Lyric writers also need credit, as first half narration is completely through songs. Three cinematographers worked for this movie, but no glitch found, it is fabulous.

Rajanna a complete different genre movie, parts apart from regular and routine Telugu Cinema. It makes you feel good when you come out of the movie.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Review By: Chetanz (chetan.g@gmail.com)

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