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Rajanikanth entering ‘Dirty Politics’

Rajanikanth entering ‘Dirty Politics’

Super Star Rajinikanth seems to be entering Dirty Politics. People and his numerous fans need not worry as he only rumored to be starring in a Bollywood flick titled ‘Dirty Politics’. The film features Mallika Sherawat as Banvari Devi and is directed by KC.Bokadia.

Bollywood buzz is since Rajani starred in many of Bokadia’s films like ‘Asli Nakri’,’Insaf Kaun Karega’,’Tyagi’,’Insaniyat Ki Devta’, he will not refuse Bokadia’s request as he shares good relationship and strong bong with him. It has to be seen whether Rajani accepts Bokadia’s request. Insiders reveal that only ten days of shooting is required for this special role. Fans are waiting for the confirmation from the superstar.

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