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Rajamouli’s Eega a threat to Dammu and Racha?

Rajamouli’s Eega a threat to Dammu and Raccha?

Tollywood’s most successful director SS Rajamouli is a close friend of Ntr jr and made a blockbuster Magadheera with Ram Charan Teja.

Now, Rajamouli’s live action-cum-animation film Eega might actually be a threat to NTR Jr’s film Dammu and Ram Charan’s Racha.

Rajamouli’s Eega is scheduled for release on April 12, while Ram Charan’s Racha is due for release on April 5 and NTR’s Dammu on April 19.
Thus Eega is sandwitched between the forthcoming films of NTR Jr and Ram Charan and unless Dammu and Raccha make a strong pitch at the box office, Eega might actually overwhelm the two movies..

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