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Rainbow Movie Review 2 – No colours without colours

Rainbow Movie Review - No colours without colours

Rainbow Movie Review - No colours without colours

Rahul, Sonali Chauhan, Sindhu Menon, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao,
Prakash Raj, Mallikarjuna Rao, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam,
Sunil, Sivareddy, M.S. Narayana, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Kadambari Kiran, Pavala Shyamala, Master Bharat, Master Arman, Master Akash and others.

Story: Balabhadrapatruni Ramani,
Dialogues and screenplay: Paruchuri Brothers, Cinematography: Santosh Srinivas
Art: Anand Sai
Choreography: Suchitra Chandrabose
Music: Nihal
Lyrics: Vanamali, Baladitya, Jillella Varaprasad, Anuradha, Sahiti
Fights: Vijay
Editing: MR Varma
Producer and direction: V.N. Aditya
Banner: Sree Siddharth Movies & Bharath Art Pictures


After the stupendous success of ‘Happy Days’ the heroes in that film got opportunities in other films. While

Rainbow Movie Review - No colours without colours

Rainbow Movie Review - No colours without colours

Varun Sandesh got a chance to play in ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’, Nikhil got chances in two films, ‘Ankit, Pallavi and Friends’ and ‘Yuvatha’. The other hero Rahul got a chance in ‘Rainbow’ directed and produced by VN Aditya. Incidentally, Aditya was not a very successful director he failed to get any opportunities from producers, he himself took up the film production on his own. He faced many problems during the shooting and in releasing the film, though it completed shooting long ago. Finally the film was able to see the light now.

Shyam (Rahul) is an orphan. He stays in a room in a locality. Kamala (Sindhu Menon), a dumb girl, her father and grandfather treat Shyam as their own family member. Shyam had very good intimacy with Kamala and she too fascinated towards him. Shyam works as a painter and at the instance of his creative head (Dharmavarapu), he paints the nature beautifully. However, to bring fullness to the painting, he keeps the portrait of a girl. Incidentally, the girl in his dreams which he painted on the painting appears before as Swapna (Sonali Chouhan). Swapna stays in the city to fulfil her father’s last wish to become a successful heroine in films. However, she could not get any opportunity. With many producers, directors asking for her portfolio, Shyam gets her photographs with the help of Sunil Bachchan (Sunil). He pays Rs 15,000 to him by

Rainbow Movie Review - No colours without colours

Rainbow Movie Review - No colours without colours

pledging the chain of Kamala. Later, when Swapna wants to learn acting and dances, Shyam admits to her an acting school run by his friend Siva Reddy (Siva Reddy), again by pledging the bangles of Kamala and pays a fee of Rs 15,000. At this juncture, Swapna gets a chance to play heroine, but the producer tries to take advantage on her and causes accident to the vehicle. Unfortunately, Shyam gets dashed by the same vehicle and as a result suffers colour blindness. He did not reveal this to Swapna. With Swapna in his dreams, he paints her face on a hoarding near a film studio, which earns Swapna an opportunity to play in a film directed and produced by Rajamouli. As per the agreement, Swapna was about to fly to New Zealand for shooting and Shyam goes to her and proposes her. With an ambition to be a successful heroine, Swapna rejects his offer saying that she prefers her career. This pushes Shyam into depression. Did Shyam able to win the heart of Swapna at a latter date? Did Kamala propose to Shyam? Whom Shyam marries between Kamala and Swapna? Answers to all these questions form part of climax.

Rahul failed to deliver good performance in any frame of the film. He could not show any kind of expressions in any of the scenes.

Rainbow Movie Review 2 - No colours without colours

Especially, his facial expressions are similar whether it is a jovial scene or in a sorrowful scene. His body language needs a drastic change and at the same time, he should put up some weight to get a hero’s look. Sonali Chouhan, who made her debut with the movie had the similarities of Deepti Bhatnagar in her appearance. She is very slim, but she too had a flat face with no expressions appearing in it.

At least, she should have shown some body language to cover the deficiency in expressions. However, she did not feel any inhibition to appear romantic. She went a little overboard in a beach song. Sindhu Menon, who played several roles in her career with plentiful dialogues, got an opportunity to perform as a dumb girl. She did an okay job in her role. Other senior artistes including Gollapudi Maruti Rao, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Dharmavarpu Subrahmanyam and others did justice to their respective roles.

The film had story and screenplay from Paruchuri brothers.

Rainbow Movie Review - No colours without colours

Rainbow Movie Review - No colours without colours

After giving hit subjects for many films in their career, they had now reached the stage of retirement and could not deliver good on the expected lines.

Though the storyline is good, the treatment was completely poor. Especially, in the absence of gripping screenplay, the movement remained haphazard and the tempo was also improper.

Music by Nihaal is good to listen and their choreography on the screen was not very impressive, but for a couple of songs. Camera by Santosh Srinivas is average, while editing by MR Varma suited the camera work.

Despite good experience, Aditya failed to impress any class of audiences including, youth, family and mass.


The speciality of the film is that some noted directors made a special appearance in their real life roles but this alone could not attract the audiences. With inappropriate movement, the success of the film is most unexpected and the audiences seen murmuring that the climax was very poor and is unexpected. With no mass-attractive scenes or fights, the film may not get the adequate attention from the audiences resulting in commercial loss to the producer cum director.


2.25 out of 5

Review by Aparichithudu

Rainbow Movie -Review 1

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