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Raima Sen: Art House Screen Queen

Raima Sen: Art House Screen Queen

Raima Sen has carved a niche for herself and is associated with the critically acclaimed art house cinema. Her next release, Aparna Sen’s “The Japanese Wife”, will totally establishes this fact.

For Sen, playing the role of Sandhya—a young widow and a single mother to an eight-year-old, has singularly been one of the most challenging but enriching experiences of her life.

“When Aparna Sen told me that she wanted me to play the innocent character because I have a guileless face, I was very excited,” says Sen, who underwent an intensive workshop of ten days to prepare herself for the role.

Right from cutting vegetables on a chopping board to washing saris and doing the household chores, Sen underwent a series of regimes. “I even learnt to wear the sari all by myself,” she smiles, adding, “I was taught how to smile because according to Aparna, a mature woman who has a kid, smiles differently.”

All this needed to be done because the maturity of her character had to come across. “Aparna Sen is very particular about getting her characters right and she tries to keep things real, which works for her films,” says Sen of her director.
Source: The Indian Express

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