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Rags-To-Riches: The story of ETV prabhakar

Rags t riches: the story of ETV prabhakarPrior to his arrival to the ETV, Prabhakar is a police constable in Khammam district. His closeness to Ramoji’s son Suman has interesting psychological angle.

Suman is a type of introvert who rarely meets the people and keen to have dialogue with anybody.

Unable to bear Suman’s occasional outburst, a lot of members in ETV and its sister concern organizations are afraid of even peeping into his chamber, forget about meeting. This further alienated him from staff.

Prabhakar an expert in public relations made use of condition to enter into Suman’s good books ,after that every body knows what has happened.

Now a lot of people are complaining that prabhakar won crores using ETV and today his car is worth 20laks and a house in jubilee hills worth anything.

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