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Ragada Movie Music Review

Ragada Movie Music Review

Ragada Music Review (****)- By Brahma Mahesh

I believe that the music of a film should elevate the mood of the film and help in story moving forward. Music release hence becomes very critical and works as a precursor in setting expectations and mood for a viewer. Thaman with his latest album Ragada is 100% successful in setting the mood well. This should be one of the best albums of ‘King’ Nagarjuna and is one of the best mass albums that have come in recent times. Thaman has given another super hit and I am sure this will elevate his position in Telugu Film Industry. Director Veeru Potla on the occasion of audio launch told that he is a Nagarjuna fan and used the opportunity to show how he wanted to see his favorite hero. The songs are raising the curiosity levels on the movie that’s releasing on 23rd December. Let’s see how the songs are and what’s good and what’s not.

1. Manmadhudaa (***) – This is the first song of the album and can be called as a title song. The song starts with Manmadhudaa…Magaadaa and absolutely sets the stage for Handsome Nagarjuna and then Shankar Mahadevan starts with Suno Suno naa pere Ragada. The song is fast paced when Geetha Madhuri Sings and the entire song is used to elevate hero when male voice sings. Savaalane naa style Ragada… naa dhaanikedurosthe Ragada etc are used to elevate him. Shankar mahadevan did a superb job in this song but for a veteran like him this song should be a cake walk. Thaman did a decent job for this number and gets average marks.

2. Sirisha Sirisha (****)– Nagarjuna films are popular for that one good melody song. This album doesn’t have that classy song but this album could fill in gap to an extent. Sung by Hariharan and Shrivardhini Dhaman, the song is about hero praising heroine and admiring the way she made him fall for her. The song has a very cute hymn ‘ Maay Maay Maay Maay’ that makes it more popular. Thaman has used two styles for lead singers in this song. The beat is bit fast when Hariharan sings in next stanza and has set classical tone for female singer. The taking will decide if this will become best song of the album.

3. Bholo Astalakshmi (****)– Sung by Karthik and Geetha Madhuri, the song according to me is between Nag and Priyamani. The Song is fast paced with good beats and there is lot of scope for good dance steps. This is definitely going to be one of the well heard numbers in most of the centers in the days to come. I could see some traces of tune of brundavanam title song in this song and I would like to believe that this is just an overlapping effect of a recent release.

4. Okkadante Okkade (**)– This song is sung by suchitra and Ramya. Fast paced song with lots of English words where the heroine sings about the hero and admires him. This is the weakest song in the album. Again saw some traces of lead music of ‘Yuvakula manasaina’ from Brundavanam at a point of the song.

5. Ragada Ragada (****)– Another mass song sung by Baba Sehgal.Chitra and Rita. The best part of this song is the flute used by Thaman. You should definitely follow the flute that played a very vital role. Words used like mass, class..Heads, tails..pulletu baby sega,chocolate dhaga dhaga,left rightu are really good. This song is supposedly picturized on both heroines and is sure going to be an entertaining number.

6. Yempillo Aapillo (****)– This is the best song of the album and could be the chartbuster of the year. Sung by Karthik and Anuradha Shriram the song has very good beats and has good scope for very good steps. Don’t blame if you remember traces of some of earlier thaman tunes in this song also.

Brahma Mahesh
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Ragada Movie Review

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