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Rabhasa Movie Review

Rabhasa Movie Review

“Young Tiger” NTR’s new movie needs no other hype than the star’s name itself! This is also the second film of cinematographer-turned-director Santosh Srinvas. This is also the first pairing of Samanthaa and NTR. Pranitha and Samanthaa have been put together again here after their block buster film “Attarintiki Daaredi”. Producer Bellamkonda Suresh is known for big budget mass movies, hence the audience were guaranteed of a commercial entertainer unmatched in this film.

Let’s see how this film turned out finally! This is the story of a guy called Karthik (NTR) a golden hearted young NRI who is visiting his ancestral village in his current trip. While all elders of the village queue up to offer their daughters to marry him, his mother (Jayasudha) wishes that he should marry his brother’s daughter Chitti. Jayasudha’s brother Dhananjaya (Sayaji Shinde) is already revealed as the eldest of D Brothers of Hyderabad who is hell bent on sitting on the Mayor’s seat of Hyderabad. Karthik is told the story of how Dhananjaya has left the village after his actions are questioned by the villagers twenty years ago. Karthik now sets out to woo his cousin, convince his Uncle for the marriage and fulfil his mother’s wish.

Due to several confusions and mistaken identities, Pranitha’s character takes lead for a while. Then a long episode of village based comedy runs in the second half showing how this Good Samaritan hero solves the problems of Peddi Reddy (Jaya Prakash Reddy) and his family. What’s the connection of Jaya Prakash Reddy, his brothers and Nagineedu’s family with the story of Karthik and his long lost cousin forms the rest of the story.

Thaman’s music was OK as couple of songs in the first half turned out well. Keeping up with the recent trend of actors singing, NTR too sang a full song in this movie.

Fight sequence that comes just after the interval and also the one in the climax are very well conceived and picturised. Shyam K Naidu’s camera work is OK. What stands out in the film is the opulence of almost all sets used for scenes and songs in the film. Producer Bellamkonda Suresh has to be appreciated for making this film on such grand scale.

The story has nothing new to offer. The focus is entirely on entertainment framed in the structure of umpteen films that have been hits in the recent times. Srinu Vaitla, Kona Venkat et al have planted this formulaic entertainment deep in the minds of telugu film audience and several film technicians as well. Santosh Srinvas’s first film “Kandireega” was one of such entertaining hits. Hence this big budget flick with star NTR has also been moulded in the same frame. First half in the college backdrop works fairly well as the audience are awaiting the twist with regard to Samanthaa’s real identity. But the second half is so filled with twists and turns that the entertainment has no flow and the crucial romance between the hero and heroine never comes into the front. Brahmanandam does offer few laughs when he is abusing the might of JP and brothers. Night episode where Nagineedu goes to kill Brahmanandam also works OK intermittently.

The film is an acceptable entertainer definitely, but it never rises above those levels. Screenplay is quite topsy-turvy and the characters are so typical offering hardly any new entertainment, reducing the overall impact of the film. NTR has been trying so hard to come out of the net of big expectations from him, but the audience cannot be blamed if they expect more from him in this film. There are hardly any other performances that stand out and deserve any special mention.

Over all, this is a pure, commercial entertainer strictly focussing on NTR’s fan base.

The Rating
2.25 out of 5

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