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RA.One gets 95% shows in Multiplexes!

RA.One gets 95% shows in Multiplexes!

Shah Rukh Khan will completely dominate the screen space on Diwali with all Multiplexes in India agreeing to 95% share of screening of Ra.One for two weeks.

This is a record of sorts for Multiplex screening space. Earlier amir Khan‘s 3 idiots got a 65 % share of screenings, Salman Khan‘s Dabangg got 70% while his Bodyguard got 80%.

RA.One is the first Bollywood film to garner 95% screen share in Multiplexes. The other releases of Diwali, Hema Malini’s Tell Me O Kkhuda starring Esha Deol may get one or two shows and Himesh Reshammiya‘s Damadamm may not be screened at Multiplexes at all.

The 95% Multiplex screen share for RA.One includes the film’s Tamil and Telugu versions.

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