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Ra 1 hero losses weight

Ra 1 hero losses weight

Shahrukh Khan has lost almost five kilograms of weight during the shooting of his home production Ra 1. Dieticians say that it is not good for anyone of SRK’s age.

The weight loss was due to his work and the make-up required for the character of super hero. He cannot eat or drink while make-up is on in the film. He cannot go even to loo during make up period.

The movie has ravishing Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. Shooting of the film completed in India and rest of it will be done in London.
“Huge blue screen… 100 cars… cranes wires…gawd I am making a film beyond my means. Will be dancing on the streets to pay for all this,” tweeted SRK about the huge budget of Ra 1.
Will Ra 1 become another Raavan?

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