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PVP Spends Rs 25 Lakh Exclusively For A Wheelchair

PVP Spends Rs 25 Lakh Exclusively For A Wheelchair

King Nagarjuna’s upcoming movie ‘Oopiri’ is all set for release on March 24. The movie is a prestigious movie as the King is sharing the screen with a young hero Karthi and Milky Beauty Tamannah is pairing up with Karthi. Anushka is making a cameo appearance in this film. The film was made with an inspiration of a French movie titled ‘Intouchables’. As per the story, Nag is playing the role of a billionaire in this film who is a physically challenged and Karthi is a youth from slum area. The film has different kinds of emotions and is quite a hilarious movie. Karthi revealed that the film is not just remake of the French film as the director of the film had made several changes to the subject to suit the Telugu/Tamil nativity and also the Indian standards. Another speciality of the film is that the film unit had brought a wheel chair which is made for order. The wheelchair is an electronically operating movement and is made by using high technology. Throughout the film, Nagarjuna would be seen sitting in the motorised wheelchair. The cost of that wheelchair is a whopping Rs 25 lakh and it is specially made for order with motorised mechanism. The wheelchair is made, with a special emphasis on comfort and convenience. The film was directed by Vamshy Paidipalli and produced on the banner of PVP Cinemas.

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