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Puri’s Family Merging With YSR Party

Puri's Family Merging With YSR Party

Top Tollywood director Puri Jagannath is planning for a grand political future for his family. He enjoys good rapport with YS.Jagan and as such the party leaders are keen to rope in his wife Lavanya and make her contest for Lokshabha from Anakapalli. As such Puri himself promised to campaign for the party, when he met Jagan but put a condition that he should give Narsipatnam MLA ticket to his brother Uma Shankar Ganesh.

They enjoy strong bond with YS.Jagan gracing Puri’s daughter function and Vijayamma and Sharmila residing in his house at his native place during their padayatra. It has to be seen whether Puri who showcased his loyalty towards Jagan by including his wife’s still shaking hands with Jagan in CGR will allow his wife to contest elections or not.

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