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Puri and his Wife are on Anticipatory Bail

Puri and his Wife are on Anticipatory Bail

Director Puri Jagannadh and his wife Lavanya has been given anticipatory bail on account of a legal issue. The Nampally  Court on Monday granted them anticipatory bail to the coulpe on personal assurance.
A case was recently filed against the couple along with a construction builder by the residents of an apartment in Jubilee Hills. Puri had owned 1000 squares yard in Jubilee Hills, on which he raised Rs.5 crores loan from a bank. Of this amount he had paid back Rs. 2.5 crores. He sold the land to a builder in 2010. They entered into a deal which says that the builder will pay the remaining amount of loan. But even after selling all the apartments, the builder failed to pay the amount.
After this, the bank sent notice to Puri Jagannadh and also to the residents of the apartments. The residents were shocked at the notice and they lodged complaint against Puri couple and the builder. In this context Puri and his wife got anticipatory bail.

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