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Puri Agrees To Direct Allari Naresh In Near Future

Puri Agrees To Direct Allari Naresh In Near Future

During the early days of career, Allari Naresh was in a dilemma whether he has to become a family hero or a mass hero. His father EVV Satyanarayana had suggested him that such heroes may not be winners always because the audiences expect a bigger film than their earlier films and this forces the hero to lot of stress in selection of stories and directors. EVV suggested Allari Naresh to follow another senior hero Rajendra Prasad, who is known as a big comedy hero in the past and comedy will always be the winner as people/audiences will expect only comedy and nothing more from that comedy hero. Following his advice, Allari Naresh continued to remain a comedy hero. But these days, the directors are penning stories and extracting the comedy from all the heroes and hence the demand for a comedy hero came down. Now, Naresh has no notable hits in the recent past and is maintaining a low profile. Puri Jagannath, who is well known for his strong storylines, had agreed to direct Allari Naresh and the project may take shape in near future. Naresh, though famous for comedy roles, has an immense potential to do any kind of character and films like ‘Gamyam’ proved it. So, let us wait for a movie in their combination. Stay glued to this place for more details about this crazy combination.

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