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Puri’s Pawan Fans Shoot: Rain Plays Spoilsport

Puri’s Pawan Fans Shoot: Rain Plays Spoilsport

Puri Jagannath has cancelled the shooting of Pawan Kalyan walking along the Hyderabad Vijayawada highway followed by a large crowd consisting of Pawan’s fans because of incessant rain.

The shoot was to take place in front of Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. And it is for the film Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu. In the film Pawan reportedly plays the role of a TV correspondent teaming with Tamanna as the cameraman. He obviously exposes some political misdeeds and causes a public upheaval. This scene shows how a massive crowd follow Rambabu (Pawan) in his crusade for truth and justice.

Director Puri Jagannath tweeted, “Sorry to inform that Due to overcast conditions Tomorrow’s shoot with PK wid Fans is postponed to further date. Details later” (sic).

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