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Puneet Issar’s Wife Whacks NRI

Puneet Issar's Wife Whacks NRI

Remember Duryodhana of Mahabharata.. Puneet Issar may have played villain in the epic but in real life he married a true patriot. Deepali Issar, wife of Puneet Issar whacked a NRI for disrespecting Indian National Anthem at a late night showing of Anand Gandhi’s Ship of Theseus at Cinemax, Andheri, on Wednesday.

Puneeti recalling the incident said “My wife, who has always been a strong minded person, gave a big phatka to the man on his head,”. When the national anthem was played, Australian national of Indian origin was quite keen on romancing with his girlfriend rather than pay respect. Deepali who was incensed hit the young man leading to, by her own admission, “him shrieking out in agony.” Several other cinema-goers too joined Deepali Issar in heckling and abusing the young man.

Maharashtra is the only state in India where it is compulsory to play the national anthem in cinema halls.

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