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Punch Lines are not Just Enough to Make a Film Hit

Punch Lines are not Just Enough to Make a Film Hit

Aagadu’s dialogues are much in talks after its release. It is said that the film contains numerous attention seeking dialogues from Mahesh Babu and also from other. But the main problem with the film is that it lacks a strong storyline. As the film is a big budgeted one so, the makers must have focused on the story rather than depending just on heavy dialogues from the star cast of the movie.

A distributor complains, “No doubt, Mahesh delivers innumerable punch lines and draws huge applause. Even his co-stars have their share of fun lines and serious punches, but that’s not enough for viewers, to spend 3 hours in a theatre and impress viewers, beyond his huge following.” The distributor also imitates one of Mahesh’s dialogues from the film which goes like ‘Cinema dialogyes pravabam janalameeda baagane undia.’

Aagadu is not getting that appreciation as it was expected. This is so because the makers forgot that punch lines are not just enough to make a film hit. It must at-least have a good storyline.

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