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Psycho Movie Review

Psycho Movie Review

Ram Gopal Varma is comping with another thriller Psycho. Let us see what impact he made on viewers.


An independent hard working woman Meera (Nisha Kothari) life takes an unexpected turn when she treats a well groomed stalker a mere nuisance. However she gets disturbed physically by the stranger and when Meera approaches police, they fail to assist her. What will happen next should be enjoyed on big screen.


Nisha Kothari performed well exhibiting all emotions. Others including the guy who troubles Nisha, played their roles to perfection.


RGV this time starts the film in a convincing realistic manner but soon goes back to his normal ways making it superficial and foolish. Short duration of the film is the advantage of the film. With lack of entertainment values, viewers will find the film hard to digest. Climax is quite bizare. The film did not elevate the emotional scenes as expected.


Cinematography is average. Editing fails to be on target and Kishore Bhargava failed as a director to create interest among viewers.


psycho fails to thrill viewers

The Rating

2 out of 5

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