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Prosecution of Salman’s Judge Have Denies Many Time

Prosecution of Salman’s Judge Have Denies Many Time

Th e bollywood Producer/Actor Salman Khan is going through big trouble in longer period of time, not able to get relief breath from Hit-And-Run case. After year goes again trial start in the year 2002 were as the actor/producer Salman Khan was involved in a major case.

On Tuesday defense case of chapter got closed were as Defense Advocate Srikant Shivde has submitted some application to the Court Judge DW Deshpande for to affect him as well. The question has been raised about out whose presence the 1st prosecution witness have been deposed in the month last April and the case got closed in last week.

On the day of Wednesday special public prosecutor
Pradeep Gharat will be presenting his last arguments, after completion of the argument from both side looking their aspect of argument.
On actor Salman case Judge denies more time for the prosecution’s plea.

It has already exmined more than 27 withness with the turning hostile,On Monday they were able to present only one witness as Ashok Singh driver of Dabanng actor Salman Khan,The driver claim Salman was not at driving seat and he was there at the driving seat.
On the date of 28-09-2002,when the car rammed into the Bakery(American Express) at Bandra car have gone over the innocent people 4 injured and 1 was killed.

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