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Producers Council to act against websites

Producers Council to act against websites There was a time when any news about films had to be known only through news papers and magazines. With the tremendous growth in technology-aided media, a good number of websites have come into the fore, bringing out the latest news, views, previews and reviews on films from Tollywood right up to Hollywood. It has now become almost a habit for movie-goers to check some website to read the review before watching a film.

With the growing popularity of websites, new situations and challenges have been cropping up. According to sources, some producers and actors are not happy with certain news and some reviews posted in some of the websites.

According to reports, the Producers Council is contemplating to meet the website publishers to demand the removal of the rating system from the film review section. They may also impose some restrictions and sanctions against specific websites that routinely indulge in mud slinging and negative reporting.

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