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Producers’ vying to make film with Nagababu

Producers’ vying to make film with NagababuWhen you don’t have political history of your own and want to make it into politics through Chiru party there are so many ways to reach his camp; you can befriend with some of Mithra’s medico colleagues; Pawan Kalyan is one of the ways; making a film with one of the five stars of the family (Nagababu, pawan kalyan; allu arjun; Chirnajeevi; Cheran).

It is said the cheapest and the best way is to make a film with Nagababu. Among all members of the family he is charging the least remuneration and directly supervising Chiru’s political party affairs.

Now a days a lot of producers are queuing up in front of him seeking his call sheets, though their overt intention is to make film but the real aim is to get a ticket to contest from their convenient constituency on behalf of Chiru’party.

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