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Priyanka Chopra in Bhandarkar’s Heroine

Priyanka Chopra in Bhandarkar’s Heroine

Multiple National Award winning film maker Madhur Bhandarkar has announced his film Heroine a year ago and since then the project has been countering one problem or the other. Initially, Kareena Kapoor was to play the role in the film which is about the dark secrets of Bollywood female lead stars. There was talk of intimate steamy scenes to be enacted by Kareena. Suddenly, she backed of from the project stating that the intimate scenes are too intimidating.

Bhandarkar revived the project with the announcement that Aishwarya Rai had signed on the dotted line to play the lead in the film Heroine. Now, with the news that she is pregnant, she is out of the film.

Latest news is that Priyanka Chopra is interested in playing the role and she had been sending feelers to Madhur. She already starred in the director’s award winning film Fashion.

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