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Priyamani Marriage Proposal


Striking beautypriyamani is currently busy with upcoming film Chandi. As per reports she has opened up on her marriage plans. When asked if it has been a conscious decision to be a part of women-centric films, she laughed off and said, “This question is best answered by the directors.” She continued saying, “See, it’s not a conscious decision to do only female-centric movies. In fact, I’ve worked with top heroes and production houses in masala films and would love to do so in the future as well. May be in the next two years. All I know is that it’ll be love and arranged marriage. I don’t think I can marry a person who I don’t know; I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with him. I rather get to know the person first and then decide, instead of saying yes first and regretting it later. It’s a big decision and cannot be taken lightly.”

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