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Priyadarshan finds fault with P Vasu – Billu Barber

Priyadarshan finds fault with P VasuRecently director P Vasu remade Malayalam film Katha Parayumpol into Tamil and Telugu, titled Kuselan and Kathanayakudu, respectively. Rajinikanth played the role of super star in the remakes.

Director Priyadarshan found fault with Vasu for diluting the strength of the original story and also adding additional characters. He said that the remade version lost its theme because of upscaling Rajinikanth’s role.

Priyadarshan is now remaking Katha Parayumpol in Hindi titled Billu Barber and starring Shah Rukh Khan. The character played by Jagapathi Babu in Telugu and Pasupathi in Tamil, is being essayed by Irrfan Khan in Hindi.

Priyadarshan said that he is sticking to the original version truthfully, while remaking the Malayalam hit film in Hindi, and only minor changes have been made to connect to Hindi nativity.

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