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Prithviraj Collects all Praises for ‘Loukyam’

Prithviraj Collects all Praises for ‘Loukyam’

Comedy is the spirit of Tollywood and the art has been taken to the highest level by Brahmanandam with the support of likes of MS Narayana and Ali.

Though every new comedy entrant in the industry dreams to be like Brahmi but none had ever touched the line drawn by the ace comedian.

Anyhow, in the recent past, there were some entries into the comedy-artists line in Tollywood who performed promisingly. Prithviraj is one among the most talented comedians entered in the line. His comic timing makes the fresh splash in the industry. His popular line ’30 years industry’ in Khadgam has renovated the career of this comedian.

In the recent release ‘Loukyam’, Prithvi’s performance is gathering applauds from every corner. It seems team ‘Loukyam’ extracted the best out of him.

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