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Priety Zinta’s Yuvi hug irks Ness Wadia

Priety Zinta’s Yuvi hug irks Ness Wadia According to the Bollywood whisper-mart, cracks are showing in the much publicized relationship between Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia.

Rumours are rife that the Bollywood actress, who has been dating the industrialist for the past few years, is reportedly on the verge of another break-up. And the reason being given by Bollywood insiders is Preity’s popularity and apparent rise on the social circuit as co-owner of Team Mohali during the recent IPL cricket tournament plus her seeming fondness for Team Mohali’s skipper Yuvraj Singh.

That there are regular spats between Preity and Ness Wadia is known. But as for the recent controversy, the actress who is back to work and dubbing for Jahnu Barua’s film Har Pal in addition to attending rehearsals for the Bachchans’s world tour, s heatedly dismissed the rumours as rubbish.

As for Yuvraj Singh, the industry grapevine suggests a flirtatious liaison between the dashing cricketer and pretty actress did flicker briefly during the IPL but has died down now. Neither will talk about it, of course.

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