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Price could have been a cleaner: Poll

Price could have been a cleaner: Poll

London, Aug 26 ; Brits revealed in a poll that Cheryl Cole would be working in a beauty salon if she was not a pop and TV star.

In the poll by Reabur.com, the surfers were asked to vote for celebrities to see what would they have become, if they were not famous, reports dailystar.co.uk.

Price topped the chart with 38 percent people saying she would have been working as a cleaner if she had not found fame as a glamorous model.

And 21 percent people thought singer Katy Perry would fit in perfectly working as a club promoter in Ibiza, while 19 percent feel supermodel Kate Moss would have worked as a stripper if she were not a model and 12 percent believe she would be a stay-at-home mum.

One in three thought the Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Susan Boyle, 49, would work as a dinner lady and 27 percent believed she would work in a pound shop.

Thanks to his ever-changing hair styles, 18 percent of Britons reckon David Beckham would work as a hairdresser if he had not made it on the pitch.

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