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Premalo Padithe Movie review

Premalo Padithe Movie review

The Film
Premalo Padithe is a Tamil film dubbed into Telugu directed by Balaji Sakthivel who is known for his earlier successful film Premisthe which was also a dubbed version. This neorealist film is an admixture of relationships drama, a whodunit suspense and a sort of social commentary.

The Synopsis
The story begins with a police officer (Muthuraman) interrogating Jyothi (Urmila Mahanta) and the events unfold one after the other. In brief, Jyothi works as a housemaid at an apartment building where Arthi (Manisha Yadav) also lives. Then there is Nitesh (Mithun Murali) whose mother has an unofficial relationship with a minister. Nitesh is after Arthi, but his intentions are doubtful. The relations between Arthi and Nitesh go berserk as criminality creeps in. Unfortunately, both Jyothi and Venu (Sri), who is in love with her, get caught in the crime story. These tracks lead to an unexpected climax.

The Performances
Sri is very convincing while Mithun essays his role with relish. Urmila is more eloquent in her silences. She emotes well. Manisha as the victim of sleaze carries her role with conviction. Muthuraman as the police officer gives a creditable performance. All others do well in author backed cameos.

The Techniques
The director Balaji Sakthivel narrates the story in a very gripping fashion while dealing tenderly with the romantic track. His screenplay makes the narration interesting with the plot and pinch points spaced at the most appropriate placements. The dialogue is more muted and audible when necessary. Vijay Milton’s cinematography enhances the narration values. Music by Prasanna complements the emotive flow of story-telling. However, songs appear unnatural hindrances.

The Verdict
Premalo Padithe is certainly a film-buff’s delight, but the novelty of the plot and presentation will also appeal to the regular moviegoers who are fed (up!) with the faction ridden friction love stories with unnatural mass masala. Director Sakthivel represents a new generation of filmmakers who are making meaningful, commercially viable neorealism movies.

The Cast and Crew
Sri, Urmila Mahanta, Mithun Murali, Manisha Yadav, Muthuraman and others.
Music Director : Prasanna
Camera: Vijay Milton
Producer: Suresh Kondeti
Director: Balaji Sakthivel

The Rating
3 out of 5
Review by Deen Kumar

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