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Prema Khaidi Movie Review

Prema Khaidi Movie Review

The Film

Prema Khaidi is a profound play of human emotions filmed with realistic truthfulness. It is about the pure and unadulterated love of

Prema Khaidi Movie Review

two rustic youngsters. But then, they are prisoners of a conniving conspiracy of circumstances ordained by a ruthless fate. The lyrical commencement of blissful love concludes in a crime of unfettered passion.

The Synopsis

Suri (Vidharth) and Mynaa (Amala Paul) are childhood friends in a remote hamlet abutting the mountainous forest. Suri has uncaring parents and he is left fending for himself. Mynaa, deserted by her father stays with her mother. They are supported by Suri. He helps Mynaa go to school. He does all sorts of odd jobs to support Mynaa and her mother. Both Mynaa and Suri are in love and have dreams of living a happy life together.

Prema Khaidi Movie Review

Mynaa’s mother wants to get her married to an educated boy from a neighbouring village. This enrages Suri who assaults Munaa’s mother and threatens to kill her. Based on her complaint, Suri is arrested and remanded to judicial custody for 15 days. While in the jail, he comes to know that Mynaa’s mother is making arrangements for her marriage. He escapes from the jail and goes to his hamlet. Police officer Bhaskar (Sethu) and constable Ramaiah (Thambi Ramaiah) go in search of Suri. That was the eve of Diwali and Bhaskar’s nagging wife Sudha (Susan George) wants him to be with her and her family to celebrate their first festival of lights.

Bhaskar and Ramaiaih reach the house of Mynaa and take Suri into custody. Mynaa revolts against her mother and goes along with Suri and the police officials. Lack of proper transport forces the four of them to trek the jungle paths. They finally get into a bus which meets with a ghastly accident.

During the journey, Bhaskar and Ramaiah empathise with Suri and Mynaa and their love story and promise to unite them. Will Suri and Mynaa realize their love and longing for each other? Will Bhaskar and Ramaiah keep their promise of uniting them? Does the cruel fate has some other plans for the young lovers? Answers to these questions lead to a most unexpected climax.

The Performances

Vidharth does not look like a first-timer and has got under the skin of his character and portrays the simplicity of a rustic youth and the complexity of a young man in helpless distress. Amala Paul, on her debut, lives her role and enlivens her character with fluid

Prema Khaidi Movie Review

facial expressions along with carefree, but controlled body language. Sethu is convincing as an impatient police officer. Susan George is very effective. The top honours go to Thambi Ramaiah who essayed his role with great ease and élan. All others fit their author-backed roles and perform very well.

The Techniques

Prabu Solomon’s story is simply enthralling, his screenplay gripping and teasing. His direction has the essence of communicating the moods, thrills and tears and laughter effectively to the audience. His treatment of the climax is intrinsic to the totality of the story, where almost everyone dangles a curse of doom on the lovers; yet it makes you empathise with them . The dialogues are contemporary and convey the feelings of the characters. D. Imman’s music is an asset to the film. The songs are picturised with restraint to suit the flow of the narration. Cinematography by M. Sukumar is vibrant and vivacious. His detailing of the characters and environs matches his immaculate framing of the panoramic beauty of the cloud-capped mountains and the bristling greenery of the forest. There is no make-up and no art props. Production values are good.

The Verdict

Prema Khaidi is a very well made film dealing sensitively with the various highs and lows of life. It juxtaposes the dreams and hopes

Prema Khaidi Movie Review

of ordinary people with the extraordinary vagaries of fate. Director Prabu Solomon weaves a love story which is intricately braided with the whims and wills of those around the lovers. The film has a potent drama which has the profundity of a Greek Tragedy.

Prema Khaidi is the Telugu version of the Tamil film Mynaa. This film has won the Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress and Best supporting actor at the 58th Filmfare Awards (South). Thambi Ramaiah has won the National Film Award for Best Supporting actor. Amala Paul won the 2nd Edison Award for Best Debut Actress.

The film deserves to be watched without any hesitation what so ever.

The Cast and Crew
Amala Paul, Vidharth, Sethu, Thambi Ramaiah, Susan George, Sevvalai , Manroadu Manickam and others
Music D. Imman
Cinematography M. Sukumar
Produced by John Max
Written & Directed by Prabu Solomon

The Rating
3.25 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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