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Prema Ishq Kaadal’s Student Formula

Prema Ishq Kaadal's Student Formula

Filmmakers of Harshavardhan Rane starrer Prema Ishq Kaadal seems to have hit upon innovative formula. Producer Bekkam is getting ready to select 1000 students and make changes in the film’s script based on their responses. He says he is following the same formula which helped his film Memu vayasuku Vachcham become a hit. During that time he implemented the suggesions of 30 odd students.

Speaking about his move he says “Youngsters are not prejudiced and will judge the film on merit. Also, they are aged between 16 and 22. I felt their viewpoint was crucial,”. Venugopal who is spending Rs 1.5 crs on the project adds “I thought about bringing them on board prior to my last release Memu Vayasuku Vacham and pruned a few dialogues, boring portions and added voice-overs as per their notes, and it paid off. So I am going to add more numbers and make my next movie more viewer-friendly,”

Film stars Harshavardhan along with Vishnu,Harish and they are paired with Vithika, Srimuga and Ritu Varma. He confesses his sneak preview concept is borrowed from Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan.

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