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Preity Zinta to be honoured at Venice Film Festival

Preity Zinta to be honoured at Venice Film Festival

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta is to be honoured at the Venice Film Festival. World Diamond Group has established a prize to be awarded during the 68th Venice Film Festival, in the context of the event Kineo ‘Diamanti al Cinema’ event, to emphasize his belief in art as a privileged means to establish, together with respect for justice and human rights, true and lasting friendship relationships among peoples.

The first ‘World Diamond Group Platinum Award for Peoples’ Friendship’ is assigned to Preity Zinta engaged in the work of people of different cultures harmonization and reconciliation.

The mission of World Diamond Group is to enhance, through beauty and peoples’ friendship, the birth of a culture and a civilization that over time produce peace and prosperity.

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