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Prasthanam Movie Review

Prasthanam Movie Review

The Film

Prasthanam is a gripping family drama with a political background and narrated with well etched characters.

The Synopsis

In Maanikonda village lives a powerful MLA Peddaayana (Balaiah) whose son Keshava (Ravi Prakash) gets killed by his father’s political rivals. Peddayana makes Loki (Sai Kumar) to take the place of his son in the party and even gets him married to his widowed daughter-in-law Savitri who already has two children. Another son is born to Loki and Savithri.

Loki gets elected as MLA and the family relocates to Vijyawada. Savithri’s two children grow up as Mitra (Sharwanand) and her sister (Surekha Vani) and Loki’s son is Chinna (Sundeep Kishan). Mitra follows in the foot steps of Loki and this makes Chinna furious with jealousy. He becomes a psycho and does all mad things

Prasthanam Movie Review

When elections get near Baasi Reddy (Jeeva) and Bangaru Naidu (Jaya Prakash Reddy) rivals of Loki make a hideous plot. Then Mitra learns stunning truth about his own liquidation. What happens from then on takes the story to a surprising climax.

The Performances

Sai Kumar as usual is very confident and credible in his role as a politician. Sharwanand essays his role with aplomb. Sundeep Kishan is the real surprise package. He performs with vigour and vitality. Surekha Vani, Reshma and Ruby go through their motions. Jaya Prakash Reddy and Jeeva appear like real life villains. All others suit their roles well.

Prasthanam Movie Review

The Techniques

The best part of the script is the well etched characters which ooze life on the screen. The screenplay is logical and progressively ascends into a crescendo of passion and vengeance to reach an unexpected climax. The dialogues are apt and meaningful. Music by Mahesh Shankar enhances the narration value. Cinematography by Shyam Dutt is captivating and captures the various moods of the film well. Editing and sound design are good.

The Verdict

Prasthanam is a well crafted film by Deva Katta and deserves to be seen in spite of the narration is less gripping at a few places. The finely delineated characters and the actors performances are worth seeing.

Prasthanam Movie Review

The Cast and Crew

Sharwanand, Sandeep Kishan, Sai Kumar, Ruby Parihar, Jeeva, Jayaprakash Reddy, Vennela Kishore, Surekha Vani, Reshma, Balayya and others

Music: Mahesh Shankar

Cinematography: Shyam Dutt

Producer: Vallabhaneni Ravi

Banner: V R C Media and Entertainments

Director: Deva Katta

The Rating

3 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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