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Prashant Narayanan Composing Tunes For ‘Dhishkiyaon’

Prashanth narayan

Actor Prashant Narayanan, brilliant in his award-winning role as a vicious serial killer in Murder 2, is known to be very particular about whom he works with.

In the past he has turned down plum roles in prestigious assignments merely because he wasn’t happy with his co-stars. That explains the scarcity of assignments in this brilliant actor’s career.
Latest news is that now Prashant Narayanan is composing tunes for this pregistous project ‘Dhishkiyaon’
On this he stated “I am also composing the title track of ‘ Dhishkiyaon’. I am working on the end title track as a composer”. This film is being co-produced by Shilpa Shetty. Stars Harman Baweja and Sanjay Dutt also playing lead roles.

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