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Prashant Bhargava-Director of Patang is no More

Prashant Bhargava-Director of Patang is no More

Hindi film director and visual designer Prashant Bhargava, best known for his successful film Patang is no more. Prashant was suffering from heart related ailments and passed away due to a cardiac arrest in New York at the age of 42. He is an American filmmaker with Indian roots and his critically acclaimed an award winning films include Patang, Radhe Radhe, Sangam and Kashmir.

Prashant was also a visual designer for ad films and was known for almost 100 successful ad campaigns for international brands including music videos and promotional films. His most successful film was Patang, starring Om Puri and Shabana Azmi and set against the background of the kite festival in Ahmadabad and a clash of communities during the incident.

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