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Prakash Raj officially banished from Telugu films

Prakash Raj officially banished from Telugu films Since a couple of years, there had been innumerable complaints from Tollywood producers on Prakash Raj, the versatile actor, popular villain and character artiste.
The major grouse against him is that he never sticks to the schedule given to him and that he always arrives late on the sets. He is also accused of lack of commitment and sincerity. It is said that his erratic ways and unpunctual timings have caused unnecessary delays in the schedules of shooting and thus an unavoidable increase in the cost of production of Telugu films.

Many Telugu producers are reported to have complained against Prakash Raj to the Telugu Film Producers Council. According to sources, the recent big budget films, Jalsa, Kantri and Parugu suffered because of the punctuality irregularities and regular anyics of the actor.

Now, the supreme body of Tollywood declared an official ban on Prakash Raj. The Council warned all its producer-members not to cast him in their films.

Irrespective of the trvails of Tollywood producers, the Telugu audience will surely miss this explosive thespian.

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