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Prakash Raj married Shobha Rani?

Prakash Raj married Shobha Rani

Prakash Raj married Shobha Rani

Both Tollywood and Kollywood are agog with the buzz that actor Prakash Raj married Shobha Rani at a private wedding in Chennai.

Prakas Raj recently obtained a divorce from his wife after an acrimonious litigation which is said to have paved the way for him to officially marry Shobha Rani.

Shobha Rani is an advocate and Regional Censor Board member. She is also a very vociferous spokesperson for Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party. She is reported to have distributed a couple of films produced by Prakash Raj.

According to grapevine, Shobha Rani was regularly meeting Prakash Raj since last couple of years whenever the actor was in Hyderabad for film shooting.

Though there is no official confirmation from either of them, Shobha Rani has been spotted dancing away to glory in the Bonalu festival which Tollywood watchers say is a sign of happiness in her new-found marital bliss.

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