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Prakash Jha Deals With Naxalism In Chakravyuh

Prakash Jha Deals With Naxalism In Chakravyuh

Multiple National Film Award winner Prakash Jha, whose films are realistic and deal with the present social problems, is coming out with Chakravyuh which explores the problem of naxalites. Like in all his films, he only presents a situation and never offers a solution.

Chakravyuh, produced by Prakash Jha Productions & Eros International, releases on October 24.

The film has an ensemble of top class actors. Arjun Rampal plays a courageous and earnest police officer confronting the naxals. Abhay Deol plays a young rebel without a cause who actually finds a cause that changes him forever. Esha Gupta plays a young intelligence officer who is an anti-naxal strategist. Manoj Bajpayee plays a Naxal leader… a man of integrity and honour, absolutely committed to the cause. Anjali Patil plays a brave Naxal leader who will fight to the end. Om Puri plays the professor, the mentor, the messiah. He is the ideologue of the movement.

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