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Prakash Jha; Aarakshan is not about caste politics

Prakash Jha; Aarakshan is not about caste politics

Prakash Jha, the most acclaimed Indian film maker who makes films closer to reality, has clarified that his latest filmĀ Aarakshan starring Amitabh Bachchan is not about controversial policies of caste-based reservations. The film also does not take into account the movement after implementation of recommendations of the Mandal Commission. It is fully concentrated on the dilemma created over Mafiaism and commercialisation of the education system because of reservation.

Jha said that Aarakshan is a vivid presentation of social truth which could be debated both in favour of or against, because a particular section of society had enjoyed reservation in educational institutions, others were deprived of the benefit. He said the movie shows how Aarakshan, which means reservation, is affecting the Indian society and how some people, who do not even deserve various posts, get them because of reservation while the those who actually deserve to get the posts are left behind.

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