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Potugadu Movie Review

Potugadu Movie Review

Mohan babu’s youngest son Manchu Manoj though got recognised as hero long time back he didnot get success that gives him star status. He is coming as Potugadu to test his luck. Let us see how he impressed.


Govindu (Manoj) goes to a suicide spot to commit suicide but ends up narrating his love story to another suicide attempter software engineer Venkat (Posani Krishna Murali). He narrates his love affairs with beauties Vaidehi (Simran Mundi), Mumtaz (Sahkshi Chaudari), Mary (Anu Priya), Stacy (Rachel) and the reason behind his decision to commit suicide. where it will lead to should be enjoyed on silver screen.


Manoj used to act with good ease in his early days but he started over acting in films which crossed its limits in Mister Nookayya and Ookodatara Ulikkipadatara. Everyone felt that directors couldn’t control him but he himself couldn’t control himself. He followed the same trend in this film which is a big minus. Better he realises this which is good for him in the long run. Another minus is imitating his dad Mohan Babu.

The film has four heroines and none got scope for performance. First of all they don’t have qualities of heroine forget about their knowledge of ABCD in acting. Posani’s love story and parody songs on him may attract masses.


Achu’s music direction is a big plus. One wonder why this talented music director not getting good break. Even cinematography and editing is quite perfect. Location selections are good. Dialogue writer filled entire first half with double meaning dialogues. Director took a simple line and narrated it with good pace. Though comedy is good none will be remembered. However everything is time pass. However Pawan failed to extract much from Manoj.





Manchu Manoj

Silly climax


Filmmakers didnot try anything different but depended on logicless love story. A song with each of the four heroines and breakups makes up Potugadu. Though hero is shown as realising the greatness of love and then undergoing change, his acts showing as good deeds is something undigestable. Content in the film is just ok but it is not must watch.


Potugadu lost his success balance.

The Rating
2.75 out of 5

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