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Posani makes sense this time

Posani makes sense this time

Posani makes sense this time

Director, scriptwriter and actor Posani Krishna Murali is a very colourful and controversial character. He is known for plain speaking but does not mince words when it comes to criticizing anyone who speaks ill of Chiranjeevi.

Posani is known to go overboard in all his films. His last film Mental Krishna was a disaster and received all round condemnation for its theme and execution. Posani exhibited his perverted mentality in the film to the fullest.

So when he came up with a new film titled ‘Rajavari Chepala Cheru’ people were a bit sacred as Mental Krisha was still fresh in everyone’s minds.

Posani has however come up with a sensible story this time. He shows how corrupt police officers, politicians and government servants loot people. He gets all necessary governmental clearances for his non-existent Fish Pond – Chepala Cheruvu by bribing all the concerned officials.

He then goes on to files a case saying that his ‘Chepala Cheruvu’ is missing. He exposes the corrupt system in this way. Of course there are some scenes in the film which do contain some eccentricities of Posani. For example, he parades his wife naked on the streets to motivate people to take on the corrupt and anti-social elements in the society.

In one scene Posani removes his police uniform and strips down to bare essentials and walks out of the police headquarters. In another scene he arranges a mat and bed sheet on the main road and asks a politician to rape a girl in full view of the public.

Posani also tried to show Chiranjeevi in a good light by saying that people should elect a leader who will ‘serve’ them and not rule them. Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu is not such a bad film but its fate at the box office may not quite encouraging.

Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu Movie Review

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