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Poor TRP ratings for Chiru news

Poor TRP ratings for Chiru news This may sound like preposterous but it is a fact that news and special programmes about Chiranjeevi are getting very poor TRP ratings on TV. The people in general seem to be bored with the over exposure of Chiranjeevi and his ‘soon’ to be launched political party.

The free publicity was good while it lasted. But now the moment the news caster talks about Chiranjeevi, people are changing the channel. The long winding debates about Chiranjeevi and is likely plans have killed people’ interest in the issue.
The people are bored by lengthy and often meaningless special interviews. Even a stamen by Allu Aravind or Naga Babu is not getting the prominence it deserves in the print media or on TV. It’s time for Chiranjeevi to ponder over this issue seriously.

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