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Pista Telugu Movie Review

Pista Telugu Movie Review

Pista Telugu Movie Review

The Film

Pista is basically meant for the whistling front benchers who would more likely to prefer voyeurism.

Pista Telugu Movie Review

Pista Telugu Movie Review

The title, Pista, a popular ice cream, has no bearing with the film. In fact, Dappalam or Kalagabulagam would have been more apt titles.

The Synopsis

Murali Krishna (Vishal), a native of Ramachandrapuram, is a free spirited dare devil with no aim or such in life. To please his mother (Geetha), he proceeds to Visakhapatnam to bring back his elder brother who ran away as a five year old. In Vizag, he stays with a friend (Ali).

In the course of his search for his lost elder brother, he meets Indu (Shriya) and promptly falls in love. He also picks up quarrels with gang leaders Surya Prakash (Prakash Raj) and Guru (Kishore).

After a few duets and some fights with villains, the story reaches a predictable climax.

The Performance

Pista Telugu Movie Review

Pista Telugu Movie Review

Vishal fits in with his macho image, but the weak characterization of his role makes his performance stale. Shriya is there only to show her skin and other wares and be just a glam doll. Prakash Raj can essay any role and he does so. Ali, Krishna Bhagawan, Tanikella Bharani, MS Narayana and Shakunthala play routine roles. All others look adequate.

The Techniques

The weak story coupled with weaker screenplay makes this film a little tedious to watch as this must be the umpteenth such mainstream mass masala movie. Director Sabha Ayyappan has not shown any innovation in the presentation or narration. Moreover, the entire sequence of narration is utterly predictable.

Cinematography has nothing much to write about and so is the editing and audiography. Mani Sharma’s music is good but Pista is not a music album; it is a film. Since the film tells a stale story,

Pista Telugu Movie Review

Pista Telugu Movie Review

all the techniques seem to have absorbed the staleness.

The Verdict

Pista has been totally meant for the mass audience and there is nothing wrong if they enjoy a few fights, a couple of songs and ,of course, the sizzling sex appeal of Shriya.

Pista is an average fare and it is doubtful if even the front benchers watch the film twice.

The cast and Crew

Vishal, Shriya, Kishore, Prakash Raj, Geetha, Tanikella Bharani, Shayaji Shinde, Ali, Krishna Bhagawan, Srinivas Reddy and others

Pista Telugu Movie Review

Pista Telugu Movie Review

Dialogues: Shasank
Lyrics: Sahithi, Anantha Sriram
Choreography: Dinesh
Art: Velu, Prakash
Fights: ‘Stun’ Shiva
Editing: Vijayan
Camera: Priyan
Music: Mani Sharma
Producer: Vikram Krishna
Banner: GK Film Corporation
Director: Sabha Ayyappan

The Rating
2 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar
([email protected])

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