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Pilla Zamindar Movie Review

Pilla Zamindar Movie Review

The Film

Pilla Zamindar is a thoroughly entertaining film with a forceful undercurrent of a message that human values and human relations are much more valuable than money and worldly wealth.

The Synopsis

Praveen Jayaranaraju aka PJ (Nani) is the heir apparent of Rs 5000 crore assets of his late grand father Rama Raju (Nagineedu) of Krishnagiri Samsthan. Having lost his parents at a young age, he is brought up in his granpa’s house. Lavishing in luxuries, attended by liveried attendants, PJ doesn’t bother about studies and spends his time with friends and his niece (Bindu Madhavi) whiling away his time. He evenspurns the love of Sindhu (Hari Priya).

When PJ attains the age of 18 years, he would inherit the family wealth. But the family lawyer Sharat Chandra (Dr Siva Prasad) reads out the will of late zamindar Ram Raju, which specifies some conditions to be fulfilled by PJ. They are that he should go to Siripuram, complete his graduation in Mangamma college, stay in Rajanna’s hostel and can have only Rs 2500 as monthly allowance.

PJ goes to Siripuram, meets Rajanna (Rao Ramesh) and joins his hostel and also the college. The rest of the story deals with how an irreverent and arrogant PJ transforms into a humane Praveen.

The Performances

Nani enacts his role with verve and energy and his emoting is apt. His comic timing is wonderful. Hari Priya and Bindu Madhavi provide glamour and essay their roles with restraint. Dr Siva Prasad and Rao Ramesh are convincing and add value to the scenes. MS Narayana as the Telugu pundit lives his role. All others fit their roles and perform well.

The Techniques

Pilla Zamindar Movie Review

The story is well crafted with enough entertainment elements, believable episodes and credible characterization. The dialogues are meaningful and carry a punch when necessary. The comic sincidents induce a laugh-riot. The screenplay allows a smooth flow of story telling in spite of a few hiccups in the second half. The music by Selva Ganesh is good. The songs are sparingly used so as not to disturb the narration except one duet in the post interval period. Sri Ram’s camera vividly captures the rustic ambience. The usage of lights in the interiors enhances the visual effect. Editing is crisp. Audiography is ok. Production values are worthwhile.

The Verdict

Pilla Zamindar is a hilarious entertainer with sufficient elements of drama cleverly intervening a message of human values without being preachy or sermonizing. Nani’s performance is the USP of the film. Wit and humour are the assets of the film.

The Cast and Crew
Nani, Hari Priya, Bindu Madhavi, Avasarala Srinivas, MS Naryana, Dr Siva Prasad, Naginidu, Rau Ramesh, Nihir, Ranadheer, Vennela Kishore, Silpa and others
Music: Selva Ganesh
Camera: Sri Ram
Presented by: DS Rao
Producer: SS Bujji Babu
Director: Ashok

The Rating
3.25 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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